• Chris Holman

    Chris Holman

    Father, Veteran, and Day-Dreamer| Interested in improving society and maximizing our potential | Student of Economics

  • Brandon


  • Leonardo Trevas

    Leonardo Trevas

  • Stella Yanakieva

    Stella Yanakieva

    Cinephile, writer, philosopher, and a big time (Haruki Murakami) book lover. Check out my column https://medium.com/the-innovation/women-talking/home 💃

  • Sharon Duckworth

    Sharon Duckworth

  • David A. Palmer

    David A. Palmer

    I’m an anthropologist who’s passionate about exploring different realities. I write about spirituality, religion, and worldmaking.

  • L.A. Strucke

    L.A. Strucke

    Writer and songwriter. Interests include music, poetry, art, and all things creative. Contributor to numerous publications.

  • Adrien T

    Adrien T

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