Hate the Government? Good, Let the Hate Flow Through You…

These days, it seems like almost everyone complains about the government. While on the surface this may seem like just some disgruntled citizens understandably placing blame on their leaders, if you understand the global coup on democracy called neoliberalism, then you may rightly suspect that this is lagely a manufactured, propaganda-fueled sentiment.

Why would the neoliberal aristocrats want you to hate the government, you ask? For the same reason that they actively hijack and sabotage the government. The same reason they use their wealth and power to deregulate, lower taxes on themselves, liberalize international trade so they can employ slave labor in foreign countries with less labor rights, manipulate politicians into waging wars to secure resources, etc.

Case in point: many assume that the obviously unqualified and cartoonishly nonsensical Trump choices for the heads of his administration, like Betsy Devos, are due to his stupidity. However, it becomes clear when you understand neoliberal strategy that he is simply doing a sloppy sabotage.

A slicker neoliberal like Obama instead appointed former bankers and lobbyists, to reinforce and manage a corporate-owned fake democracy.

But this isn’t about Trump, or Obama; they are simply puppets, collaborators. What this is about is the neoliberal coup to destroy the one and only thing that has ever come between the aristocracy and their sick obsession with controlling the universe: Democracy, or People Power.

The Great Scapegoating of the Neoliberal Era

One of the favorite strategies of neoliberals, or anyone with great power, is to redirect all of the seething popular anger that naturally results from their exploits onto various scapegoats, to get people blaming other races, immigrants, classes, or simply getting each side of the political aisle to blame the other.

Yet the absolute favorite neoliberal scapegoat of all is the government. Why?

Yes, I said it, democratic government (and only the democratic kind) is the only thing between you and aristocratic tyranny. You might think that the government is corrupt, and you’d be right. However, few people recognize that the primary source of that corruption is not human nature getting the best of our leaders, but outright hijacking and sabotage by the neoliberal elite.

Of course there is some amount of corruption of the simpler variety, like misappropriating taxpayer money, but it pales in comparison to the tremendous corruption being purpetrated upon the American people and the government by neoliberal, corporate powers. In fact, “big money” has become so interwoven with Washington, it’s becoming hard to even tell the two apart.

Buying Back the Throne

It hasn’t always been this way. There was a time when government did work for the people relatively well, particularly during the New Deal era. Granted, things had to get pretty terrible to make it happen, with U.S. troops literally shooting strikers and protesters during the great depression, but we did get there. We elected FDR, and chose a more mixed economy, for a while.

This was the era (1940s-60s) when not only government funding and jobs proliferated, but we also won many economic rights, such as the 8-hour work day, workplace sanitation laws, pollution regulations, social security, and banking regulations. It was what some have called the “Golden Era of Controlled Capitalism,” when the forces of capital were reined in to serve the public good.

You see, every economic right we gained was a loss to the capitalist aristocrats. When we forced them, mostly via democratic government, to stop working children in factories, to limit their pollution, to maintain workplace sanitation standards, to stop working people to death, we fundamentally limited how they could use workers to maximize their profits, which is basically their whole scam.

We also did it through unions, strikes, and protests, but these are all fundamentally different forms of the same thing: Democracy, People Power.

This is what the whole point of neoliberalism is, to get back to the old economically liberal days of robber baron rule, to eliminate the primary obstacle to their economic subjugation of the working classes: democratic government, with all it’s regulations, taxes, and other instruments to serve the common good.

The Bizarre Myths of Neoliberal Propaganda

Somehow, since Reagan and Thatcher, neoliberals have managed to convince a sizable portion of the population that the one and only thing ensuring their rights to be paid a reasonable wage, work reasonable hours, ensure a reasonable retirement, enjoy relatively unpolluted air and water, and not be swindled by crooked bankers is actually their biggest enemy and the source of all their problems: government.

It also includes various other absurd notions, such as that the market will somehow magically regulate itself, or that the self-interested actions of consumer society will somehow lead to benevolent ends. In short, in neoliberal-land, up is down and down is up.

How did they pull it off? Well, it’s complicated, but a good place to start would be to watch Manufacturing Consent. The short version is that it’s a massive propaganda campaign going on since at least the 60s, with one very simple goal: to free the poor persecuted capitalist aristocrats from big bad government forcing them to do awful things like pay fairer wages, provide a clean working environment and paid sick or maternity leave, and pay their fair share of taxes to contribute to the public good.

This nonsense has especially been spewing out of the mouths of conservatives, of course, but even democrats have been neoliberal puppets since at least the Clinton years.

This may sound counterintuitive, since democrats seem more pro-government, but remember, they’ve become team hijack.

They may seem to do nice things with the government, like expand the welfare state, but it’s always on the backs of the middle class tax payers, and it never seriously interferes with the neoliberal empire’s agenda.

What Can Be Done?

The key thing, to me, is for people to realize what’s going on, to snap out of the propaganda trance and recognize the true nature of the dilemma. Then, I believe, together we will be able to coordinate and exercise People Power to actually do something about it. That’s why I take action by writing articles like these. If you liked it, I hope you’ll share.

Writer, State Libertarian Socialist, and lover of all things Philosophy, Psychology, Spirituality, and Science.

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