Hey Robert,

Okay, thanks for clarifying, I would differ with you on the point of regulation not having anything to do with socialism; a key point of my article is that it is in fact a part of the very general force of socialism, by the broadest definition; the fact that it is an aspect of a mixed economy (mixture of socialism and capitalism) is itself an indication that regulation is an aspect of socialism, even if it’s not normally talked about that way in popular discourse (I’m saying it should be).

This is because socialism is defined as business being owned or regulated by the community as a whole. Therefore, democratic institutions (the community as a whole) regulating business is a form of “soft socialism”, and an aspect of a mixed socialist/capitalist economy, like the one we have in America, or Europe (with more socialism), etc. This can be found in descriptions of social democracy and mixed economies, that the state’s role in the economy is the socialist aspect of the “mixture”.

So, I’m not sure how this wasn’t clear, or was misleading. I think it’s just that the definitional boundaries of what constitutes socialism you subscribe to are different than what I’m pointing out, here. So, it’s not that I wasn’t clear, it’s that we disagree, it seems.

In simplest terms: If we acknowledge that regulation of industry is part of the socialist aspect of a “mixed” socialist/capitalist economy, then regulation is an expression of socialism (so long as it is accomplished democratically), and we should think of it that way. After all, it is the community as a whole (democracy) regulating the means of production, distribution, and exchange, the dictionary definition of socialism.

I would also say that the current discussion of socialism in our political arena is in fact not only about what should be collectively owned, it is also about increasing state interventionism for labor rights and ecological protections, encouraging unions, social welfare/redistribution, and many other things pertaining to democracy applying control over the private sector or redistributing wealth.

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Writer, State Libertarian Socialist, and lover of all things Philosophy, Psychology, Spirituality, and Science.

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