Hey Tom, thanks, a quick perusal of wikipedia about socialism and its various iterations and conceptions will show you that what you’re saying here is not factual. What you’re describing is merely one type of extreme socialism. Socialism is an extremely broad concept, and at it’s most liberal definition, even includes things like regulations (by democratic governments) on pollution, wages, and worker’s rights. Unions are also socialist, as are co-ops and any other type of business with democratic control instead of top-down ownership.

In a nutshell, it is democracy applied to economics. If all businesses are seized by a democratic government, that is extreme socialism of a certain kind, and if that government becomes no longer democratic, at that exact moment it ceases to be a socialist system, and becomes an authoritarian one, because the definition of socialism is democratic control of business, essentially. Most who have “seized the means” as you are talking about have resulted in non-socialist dictatorships, and therefore, we can reasonably say at this point that it doesn’t work. I’m not arguing against that, I’m just saying that socialism is much, much more broad than that one type of extremism.

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Writer, State Libertarian Socialist, and lover of all things Philosophy, Psychology, Spirituality, and Science.

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