Hi Chris,

You seem to think I am blaming business owners or employees or something (not clear) which I’m not. I’m simply making observations of what arises given a certain type of system. I actually agree with you that much of the solution is to redistribute wealth, however I also think that much of the solution is also to regulate industry, to make owners pay more, not harm the environment, etc. I think we more or less agree here, at least on that principle, if not the extent of it.

I’m not going to address all your points here, but the main one is for your comparison of businesses to animals living in the wild. Now you’ve gone from comparing a business to an organism, to comparing it to a species? What I’m saying is that in a capitalist system, the organism is being USED by the third party to accomplish a separate goal, in the same way that a farm animal is used by a farmer to achieve a separate goal that has nothing to do with what that farm animal wants; here the milk cow analogy is most applicable.

Organisms living in the wild do not have this third party using them for an external purpose, which is why I’m comparing them to businesses that are not used solely to produce a profit for a third party, such as co-ops or non-profits. Comparing organisms in the wild to privately owned businesses makes no sense to me, at least not when the businesses reach a certain scale, perhaps you could compare small businesses in that way. But when they reach the point that they are merely a means to produce a profit for someone, they become more akin to a farm animal, rather than a creature in the wild.


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Writer, State Libertarian Socialist, and lover of all things Philosophy, Psychology, Spirituality, and Science.

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