Hi J,

Thanks for your feedback, just to be clear, did you actually read my article? I don’t really see how your comments make sense in the context of what I was saying, here.

Socialism is a very broad concept and set of systems, which encompasses all control of the private sector by the community as a whole (democracy), which means that the typical “socialist” authoritarian governments weren’t actually socialist (because they didn’t have democracy), and also every “capitalist” country worth living in also has socialism, because they all have regulations which prevent capitalists from doing things like employing children or slaves, paying slave wages, polluting beyond a certain point, etc.

Socialism is the only reason that capitalism has brought the standard of living up, because otherwise the capitalist owners would simply do whatever they can to increase their profits, and exploit and pollute indiscriminately the way that the old robber barons did. The less capitalists are regulated through socialism, the more they hoard their wealth and create adverse living conditions and poverty.

And if you lived in an authoritarian “socialist” regime, then you didn’t actually experience socialism until you arrived in a capitalist democracy, because an authoritarian system without democracy is 0% socialism, regardless of if they call themselves “socialist” or not.

It seems like you might be conflating socialism as a more general term with “pure socialism” and a Planned Economy; this is a very common mistake.


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Writer, State Libertarian Socialist, and lover of all things Philosophy, Psychology, Spirituality, and Science.

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