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Any democratic government is not top-down, although it contains top-down elements for purely logistical reasons. The fact that we elect legislators and leaders is what makes our institutions democratic, and sets them apart from private enterprises, which are the true top-down authorities in the world today.

What you’re saying about a balance is not entirely opposed to my points in this and other articles I’ve written. However, I would seriously challenge the idea that “capitalism is the best system”, as we actually have a combination of capitalism and socialism in every single country worth living in today, and none of the historical “socialist disasters” were actually socialist, because they were dictatorships. Furthermore, more purely capitalist countries are terrible places to be, such as those many corporations outsource our labor to, because of their lack of socialism and economic rights.

The historical states typically referred to as socialist dystopias were actually failed socialist states that had turned their governments entirely into the same exact type of structure that a private business is, a dictatorship. Socialism requires democratic control, or it isn’t socialism, by definition. The fact that historians speak about Stalinist Russia or Maoist China as socialist is purely an artifact of capitalist propaganda. They were communist dictatorships.

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