Hi Katy,

The term pseudoscience is meant to indicate something which is pretending to be science, but is not. By stating that the views I’m expressing here are not based on any hard evidence or scientific study, but are simply an informal hypothesis, I am explicitly not “peddling pseudoscience.”

Unfortunately, the term has been adopted by many people who fashion themselves as spokespersons for “the scientific worldview” as a derogatory label for anything which attempts to say anything at all intended to be true in any way, that is not based exclusively on direct scientific evidence.

Therefore, calling something that is not actually claiming to be science “pseudoscience” simply because they are saying something which they believe indicates some truth, and which references some scientific truths, is tantamount to saying that science is the only source of any kind of truth or even valid ideas (since it is assuming any statement of truth or even possible truth {informal hypothesis} to be equivalent to being scientific), which I would completely disagree with.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback, have a nice day.

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Writer, State Libertarian Socialist, and lover of all things Philosophy, Psychology, Spirituality, and Science.

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