It’s almost like you didn’t read the information I cited throughout the article, socialism most certainly is a much broader concept than merely centrally planned economies, and you can read all about it here, for instance:

Control via regulation and absolute ownership are two different things, I’m not sure why that’s difficult for you to see.

A simple Google of the term “soft socialism” will demonstrate that I did not invent it.

I gave clear examples of how there is plenty of socialism in European countries, like Germany, where unions are sanctioned by the government and engage in negotiation on a national level with the owners.

I could go on, but most of your arguments sound like you basically didn’t entirely read my article, or didn’t read the sources I cited, or both.

Please be informed about the details before continuing the discussion, thanks.

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Writer, State Libertarian Socialist, and lover of all things Philosophy, Psychology, Spirituality, and Science.

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