So, let me get this straight: You’re saying that Biden is significantly better because Trump won’t let trans people become corporate mercenaries? Because he got rid of a council that advises the president on AIDS? Tried to make it so that private hopsitals could refuse to care for LGBTQ people? And Biden’s cabinet picks full of warmongers and corporate whores is good, because they have a greater variety of melanin pigmentation and genitalia? So that people who aren’t white men will feel better knowing that mass murderers and saboteurs of democracy look like them?

We are bombing hospitals and children, we are destabilizing entire countries so that families (however many of them survive) have to flee to other countries sometimes on rafts in the ocean, we are taking over third-world nations and making them effectively neocolonial slave colonies supplying corporations with resources at enormous cost of human suffering all in the name of profits, often with puppet dictators doing horrible things all along the way, and we are eroding democracy within our own country so that it is becoming little more than a tool of the capitalist oligarchy to manage the people.

I’m in favor of LGBTQ rights, and I’m sure that these LGBTQ issues are important to you and your community, within your little first-world life, but when we’re talking about the president of the United States, the military arm of the world capitalist neoliberal empire, we have to be thinking bigger than our domestic first-world complaints about minor privilege differentials. Overlooking the fact that Biden will continue and possibly increase all of these global atrocities because “at least he’ll make things slightly better for gay/trans people” is an absurdly privileged position to take.

I am not a libertarian, or centrist, I am primarily a leftist, particularly economically, but unfortunately the culture of leftism has become entangled with all the issues you’re talking about, to such a degree that a significant portion devote their finite energy to these trivial domestic issues instead of the world-wide capitalist oligarch domination and murder causing the majority of the world’s suffering. It’s an absolute travesty.

If you really can’t see past the concerns of your minority community (representing a miniscule fraction of the population) to see why we should all be focusing our energies on alleviating the greatest suffering in this world, which is the poverty and mass murder caused by the global capitalist empire, then there’s no point in continuing to debate these points with you.

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Writer, State Libertarian Socialist, and lover of all things Philosophy, Psychology, Spirituality, and Science.

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