Some really excellent points made here, John, and I pretty much agree with all you’re saying. Thanks! We really do need to just see money as the life-blood of trade, and if the blood isn’t flowing, something is wrong.

I also wonder how much of this problem is due to the fact that the creators and primary distributors of money, banks, are themselves capital, at least in the majority of capitalist countries in the world today. After all, banks do not only lend, but collect interest and repossess, and as the primary distributors of money, that means on the level of banking, the whole flow of debt/lending has the sole purpose of harvesting a profit for the owners of the bank.

Something about that doesn’t seem quite right to me. As a democratic socialist, I believe that most of the market should be regulated, but those things which are essential to life should be provided by democratic means (government), such as healthcare and education. It’s fine to have private competitors, but the government version should be assured. But shouldn’t banking be among that category of essentials to life, at this point?

I recently read an excellent article which I’m sure you’d enjoy, about an alternative system still being used by China, but in the past used by many other countries, where banks are mostly owned by the government. It seems to be working really well for them, and of course the neoliberals are trying to put a stop to it.

I find it so interesting I may write a piece on the subject myself, soon.

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