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Soviet Russia began as a democracy, and no authoritarian state is actually socialist, regardless of what they call themselves. Socialism requires some degree of control or ownership of the MoPDE by the community as a whole, which is tantamount to saying by democracy. How else might the community control it? Therefore, authoritarian states can never be socialist, although they can start that way. “Authoritarian socialist states” are really just failed socialist states.

I think some of what youre saying here belies a fundamental misunderstanding that is extremely widespread in the “capitalist” West, which is that socialism is a specific thing, or that we don’t have any of it. Every instance of democracy controlling the private sector is socialism in some form, including the regulations which prevent companies in the U.S. from employing children, having unsanitary or unsafe working conditions, minimum wage, etc.

Countries like Germany where they have government sanctioned trade union negotiations between workers and owners have more socialism, alongside their capitalism. Socialism is a political force, not a specific type of government, and every country worth living in today has a relatively high degree of socialism (that’s why companies often outsource to countries with less socialism, because the workers have less rights, and therefore are cheaper, increasing shareholder returns).

The fact that workers can form cooperatives, and many of them are successful, is not enough in my opinion. The ability of investors and the factor market to provide shots of capital to any company willing to become a wealth funnel for them creates an unfair disadvantage for workers rights in general, in the same way that kings and queens being able to hoard wealth and use it to kill and enslave as they chose gave them an unfair advantage against those who wanted a freer society. The less restrictions the collective places on the accumulators, the more they will simply accumulate wealth, and exploit everyone beneath them. This is why I support Bernie Sanders’ plan to require companies at a certain scale to gradually give 2% ownership to employees yearly until they reach a minimum of 20% employee ownership.

The market does not fix itself, it doesn’t fix the problems of common working people, until it can find a way to do so that continues siphoning wealth to the top, which is actually not really fixing the problems. Every step of progress we have made has been in the form of resistance to the aristocratic overlords, through unions or government or protesting or occasionally violence and revolution. They never give an inch of profit for the betterment of all, until we make them.

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Writer, State Libertarian Socialist, and lover of all things Philosophy, Psychology, Spirituality, and Science.

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