The Great Reset: Culmination of the Neoliberal Coup?

The world’s been on fire for almost a year, or at least it seems that way, and the World Economic Forum is offering up The Great Reset as a solution, with many world leaders onboard. While a Green New Deal-style reset sounds great on the surface, at least to climate-concerned and class-conscious progressives, is it really what it claims to be?

If you’re new to the century-long coup we’re currently in the middle of called neoliberalism, I’ve written on the topic extensively here. In a nutshell, we won many economic rights for the working people since the old economically liberal days of tycoons and robber barons, primarily during the New Deal era, but since the neoliberals have taken over starting in the 1970s, we’ve been slip-sliding into an oligarchical corporate empire and losing our democracy.

The Great Reset claims to represent the opposite of that, a more fair and equal world, to work toward solving climate change, helping people in poor countries, even a Universal Basic Income, and much more. But should we buy into its promises?

🙃 Own Nothing, Be Happy 🙃

The World Economic Forum, a group of “some 3,000 business leaders, international political leaders, economists, celebrities and journalists,” and other “stakeholders” who decline to be named citing GDPR privacy rights 😆, but allegedly including Goldman Sachs executives and UN bureaucrats, outlined their vision for the future in a promotional video, which stated that by 2030, “You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.”

That’s quite a bit more dystopian than the reggae song of a similar title, definitely should be played in a minor key. Even with lots of Jamaican weed, it’s hard not to worry with billionaires saying things like that. 😕

They go on to describe a world in which you rent everything instead of owning it (hmm), it’s delivered by drone (handy), organs will be 3-D printed (okay I guess…), and there will be a lot less meat-eating going on (😭). According to the WEF’s own website, The Great Reset represents “a new social contract that honours the dignity of every human being.” Excluding the dignity of owning things, choosing what you eat, or having meaningful employment, of course.

Needless to say, we should be giving some pretty serious second thoughts to anything being offered by the world’s Lex Luthors that looks suspiciously like the answer to all our prayers, asking merely that we sacrifice a sizeable portion of our sovereignty and autonomy “for the greater good.”

This is especially true as the realization begins to dawn on many people that because of the way PCR testing has been done, the pandemic was probably much less severe than it seemed to be, and therefore the lockdowns which have caused this economic chaos likely weren’t as necessary as we were led to believe. I don’t want to get too deep into it here, but we should all be taking a long hard look at how this situation has been sold to us by our institutions and the media, and why.

Comments by John Kerry also strongly indicate that Joe Biden and crew are all aboard The Great Reset express, which is unsurprising, really. A bankster-backed solution that gives progressives and democrats false hope while actually moving forward a corporate elite agenda could be described as the quintessential essence of Joe Biden and his camp. No shocker, there.

But is it only that? How does the monumental shift that the Great Reset proposes factor into the neoliberal coup on democracy?

Give It All To Us, It’s For Your Own Good

The Great Reset has been described as a technocratic wet dream, and it’s hard to argue against that. Essentially, it’s everything that any wealthy, materialist, technology-loving control freak billionaire would want, as soon as their inconveniently expensive workforce can be replaced by robot slaves. How convenient that an over-hyped pandemic provided the perfect opportunity to introduce the plan to the world. Heh.

In other words, it’s the idea that “We who have used technology and capitalism to acquire vast wealth obviously know better how to manage things with our big rational intellects, so just let us take the reins; it’s for your own good, we promise.” In the context of current events, also “After all, look at what a mess you’ve made of it, thus far. We can manage it better.”

Of course, this request is couched in language that highlights how much better everything will be if we just fork it over. We’ll put a stop to global warming, help out poor countries, save the rainforest, stop all the pollution!

Of course, all of those things would be nice, if they weren’t being offered to us by billionaire oligarchs and bankers who are behind most of the problems they’re proposing to solve, with the price for the solution being our autonomy, personal sovereignty, and property rights, but they are.

But how can a movement toward more government involvement in the economy, which is a major feature of The Great Reset, also be a major step forward for neoliberalism? This seems like the opposite of neoliberalism, on the surface, because neoliberalism consists mostly of freeing billionaires from the pesky regulations of the government, so they’re free to make money any exploitative, polluting way they want.

That’s because, as I outlined in another recent article, the essence of neoliberalism (and also its seeming opposite: government totalitarianism) is simply authoritarianism, aristocracy, control of the many by the few. That essence can be manifested in the form of government just as well as it can in big bad corporations, as we should know from our long history of dictators and authoritarian regimes.

This isn’t so unprecedented, really. A faction of the capitalist aristocracy has been using feigned liberal ideals and progressive promises to manufacture consent from the left-leaning, middle-class, intellectual segment of the population for decades, now. The idea that they might expand this strategy to encompass a global agenda really shouldn’t be that big of a leap after it’s been so successful on a national level.

What this all boils down to is manufacturing consent, convincing us that we ought to be controlled more, and more. Whether they’re using an exaggerated pandemic, economic turmoil, climate alarmism, or whatever global problem we supposedly must immediately solve, we have to be convinced that we really need the solution they’re offering. It just so happens that the solution they’re offering involves them controlling society even more than they already do because remember, they deserve to, because we just can’t be trusted to rule ourselves.

As Noam Chomsky points out in this video, the strategy for manufacturing consent for the middle-class intellectual segment of society must always be different than the strategy for the lower-class segment of society, because these two classes of people are inherently different.

Perhaps now, since the labor-class’s consent will be increasingly unnecessary due to automation and a robot workforce, the focus on convincing the intellectual class is more heavily emphasized. For that class, appeals to science, rationality, and social justice are much more effective. Presumably, the bet is that the laboring class will be placated when they’re offered a Universal Basic Income and plenty of distractions like sports and virtual reality, instead of a job.

Who knows, maybe someday we’ll even have robot police! I know I’ll sleep better knowing a technocratic billionaire’s remote-controlled terminator is keeping my neighborhood safe! As long as I keep my social credit score high so I don’t get disappeared and sent to a reeducation camp. Did I mention how much I LOVE billionaires AND the government, especially government controlled by billionaires? In case anyone’s listening? 😅

Control Consolidation: The Name of the Game

Where is all this going? Well, in my opinion, if you want to understand what’s going on beyond the smoke and mirrors of bipartisan politics and media narratives, you need to basically understand that there’s really only one game in town.

Control is definitely the main issue at stake any time that we’re talking about property rights and ownership, which is why it’s especially relevant in discussing The Great Reset’s dystopian Reggae ripoff motto. Own nothing, and be happy? Oh yeah, we’re definitely talking about control.

As I’ve outlined in another article, control is the essence of ownership. Things you own are things that you have a contract with the state to grant you an exclusive right to control. Your car is “yours” because we collectively agree that you have a right to do with it as you please, it is under your control. That’s called property rights, guaranteed by the state. Thanks, state.

Without you state, I’d just have to try to whack or shoot anyone who tried to control “my” stuff. That would be just plain uncivilized. I’d much rather have a policeman whack or shoot them, or hopefully just put them in a cage for a while. Serves them right for trying to control MY controlled stuff.

So, private ownership is collective permission to exclusively control certain pieces of the universe (or objects), which we call property. All your property together is called your estate, or as I like to say, your domain of control. Capital is controlled objects that expand your control to more objects, called income, revenue, or gains.

So, essentially, capital is a category of controlled objects that serve as control domain expansion mechanisms, capitalism is the practice of owning them and using them to expand your control domain, and wealth accumulation is really just the expansion of how much of the universe someone controls, or has the right to control via the state’s permission.

Now, as we know, neoliberalism is all about getting pesky do-gooder government out of capitalist’s hair, so they can FINALLY do whatever they want to expand their control domain, and acquire as many controlled objects, and especially control domain expansion mechanisms or “assets” as they want, without annoying ethical concerns like whether they’re “polluting” or “exploiting” or “keeping their workers in poverty by not paying them enough.” Oh brother, am I right? Bleeding hearts, I tell ya.

I mean, imagine, without government regulation, it could be like the good old days, when we could hire children, keep using machines even if they cut off someone’s hand from time to time, pay people barely enough to survive, cut down any forest we want, dump our industrial waste right into the river where people swim, even print our own company scrip so that our workers can only afford to buy food and essentials from us.


But wait. Is it possible that there could be something better than being free from the government? Hold on, I think I’ve got it: Instead of being free from the government, 😯 WE COULD BE THE GOVERNMENT!

And that, my friends, is how expanded government control ala The Great Reset plays right into the neoliberal agenda, as long as the neoliberal aristocrats are the ones controlling that heavy-handed government.

Ultimately, transferring power into hijacked government hands, along with big corporations that will play nice with the environment as long as they have their monopolistic dominance, is just another way of transferring control or ownership from the many to the few.

Because ultimately, they don’t hate that government exists, per se, they just hate when it represents the interests of the common working people, instead of their own. We know that from all the corporate welfare they’ve been getting throughout this pandemic, and since the 2008 financial crisis. They certainly weren’t complaining about the part where the government cuts them free checks, cheeky welfare queens they are.

In fact, these people love government, when the government is them, when the government is composed of people going through the revolving door between private industry and finance and government bureaucracy. A government of the wealthy, by the wealthy, for the wealthy.

Of course, we also know that in reality, if they expect us to own nothing, ownership of all those somethings we previously owned will have to be transferred to them, or to governments controlled by them, and then rented back to us.

This is probably justifiable though, because after all this economic turmoil (that they made happen through unnecessary lockdowns) many of us owe them so much of the money they conjured out of thin air by typing numbers into a machine, that we could only pay it back with our possessions, so really I guess we ought to hand it over. But hey it’s…it’s for the common good…right?

Global Implications

Finally, you might be thinking, “Okay, okay, I see what you’re saying, but wouldn’t it be great to help out some poor countries?”

Well, I’m so glad you hypothetically asked in my imagination, because the answer is yes but no, and I’ll tell you why.

The World Economic Forum is closely tied to the International Monetary Fund, which is notorious for its “foreign aid” takeovers of poor, “third-world” countries. The uber-simplified version of how this works is: you make a loan or offer aid to a poor country, but with conditions. If the loan isn’t paid back, whoops, looks like we get to move in and do what we want. If you don’t like it, we’ll overthrow your leader. If that doesn’t work, we’ll come up with a reason to go to war with you.

In fact, this debt-based scam is just a foreign policy version of what is being done to the entire population via our debt-based, central banking monetary system. But that’s a red pill for another time, or hey, maybe a sweet free YouTube documentary.

In my opinion, the best way to learn about this scam-aid is from someone who did it himself, former economic hitman John Perkins. He has plenty of interviews where he outlines exactly how he, as an economist, in collaboration with the IMF and U.S. political machine, used foreign aid and finance to take over small countries that had resources capitalist aristocrats wanted. That’s not a conspiracy theory, that’s a former conspirator exposing a very real financial conspiracy.

So, yes, it would be nice to actually help poor countries, but I ask you, do you really believe that aid being given as part of The Great Reset, spearheaded by the very IMF people who have been doing exactly these dastardly deals for decades, is really about helping those poor people in Africa, South America, and elsewhere?

If you think so, hold up a sec, I’ve also got a bridge to sell you.


Well, I suppose by this point, it’s clear where I stand. The bottom line is that any solution being offered by those who primarily created the problems should be highly suspect by default, and with a little further reflection, it’s easy to see how it's playing right into their overall long-game of the neoliberal takeover of democracy.

Come to your own conclusions, but anytime a solution is being offered by billionaire aristocrats and government bureaucrats, please at least be skeptical. In my humble opinion, real solutions come from We the People, such as decentralized blockchain-based solutions, not the centralization schemes of aspiring technocratic masters of the universe.

Writer, State Libertarian Socialist, and lover of all things Philosophy, Psychology, Spirituality, and Science.

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